Internet Security for children is something that is always of utmost concern to schools and parents.  I am delighted to tell you that ICS Skills has secured further funding from the Dept of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, under the BenefIT 4 grant scheme. If you are interested, this funding will enable you to offer relevant Internet Security Training to ‘qualifying persons’ in your community, at no cost to the school, rather in a way that the school should be able to benefit financially from offering the training. I know some of you have already organised some courses through the first tranche of Benefit 4 funding and we hope you will continue to make the most of this funding while it is available which is up to 14/05/2014.

How it works:-

ICS Skills will pay your school €40 per person that completes a course of 4 x 2 classes up to a maximum of €320 per completed course.  (Ideally classes should consist of 8 to 10 people.)  In addition you have the option of charging each participant up to €20 per person to attend a course and that money can be retained by the school. Any costs associated with the Tutor must be borne by the school but it is hoped that the school will be able to source a volunteer tutor.

For this initiative ‘qualifying persons’ are:

  1. People who have not previously engaged with the knowledge society through computer or through Internet use
  2. or people who have already acquired basic Internet use skills and now wish to develop these further

And are a member of one of the target groups below which research has shown are most likely to be excluded from the knowledge society:-

  • Older people (defined as aged 55 or over)
  • Unemployed people
  • People who have had less formal education or who have no formal qualifications
  • Disadvantaged people – which may include:- people with disabilities, those living alone – particularly in rural areas, single parents, travellers, ex-prisoners, immigrants.

If you would like to make this scheme available to the friends and families of your pupils and at the same time raise some much needed cash for your school, please contact the Get Ireland Online team by emailing for enrolment details or call Ciara on 01 2377777.