See how one school uses Digital Technology in the Curriculum.

Scratch in School

In this short video clip, principal Enda McGorman speaks about why his school uses Scratch to support numeracy skills, in particular problem-solving.

Here teacher Elaine Lyons uses Scratch, among other tools, in a 6th class lesson on procedural writing based on a science experiment.

Step by step Scratch lesson plans aimed at primary teachers.

Digital Learning Framework Planning website: Here you will find curriculum resources

This site is aimed to support teachers in the ‘how to’ of teaching and learning through the use of multimedia. It focusses on ‘showing’ rather than ‘telling’ the features of effective teaching and learning in different settings. Click here.

Edutopia’s success stories about what works in US public education revolve around their six Core Concepts

To increase engagement and retention, academic subjects are presented in an interdisciplinary fashion that reflects modern knowledge and society. For example history, literature, and art can be interwoven and taught through text, images, and sound.
Project Learning. Search the site to access more than 2,200 features, or visit our Video Library to browse more than 150 videos. Click here.

Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST)

PDST Technology in Education Website  offers resources for teachers towards enabling them to implement the Primary School Curriculum effectively in their schools. Click here.

Scoilnet – Resource Finder

Scoilnet is the web portal for Irish Education. Its Resource Finder links to a vast number of online resources to support teaching and learning. There are dedicated sections for teachers, students, parents and school management. Click here.