Tech Week is Ireland’s national festival of technology aimed at students, parents and the public.   Tech Week 2016 is taking place from April 24th – 30th.  This is the third and biggest year yet: getting involved is an excellent opportunity for your students to engage with technology and understand how it influences and shapes the world around us, but in a focused, practical and fun way.

Join us! –  carry out a STEM-related activity with your students during Tech Week. 

Our free Tech Week Activity Packs have ideas for interactive activities covering a wide range of ages and ability levels, as well as promotional materials such as the Tech Week Window and Tech Week poster to let others know you are participating in this nationwide initiative.  Further resources are freely available on the Tech Week website.

It’s easy to get involved:

  1. Register now on ie to sign up for a Free Tech Week Activity pack
  2. Carry out a technology-related activity during Tech Week
  3. Tell us about it: complete the Tech Week survey

 Keep up to date with news, events and competitions as we approach Tech Week:

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